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 It's Not Over!

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PostSubject: It's Not Over!   Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:18 pm

The Camera fades into the Xtreme Wrestling Impact Open Arena to a packed Arena, The Commentators welcome us to another fantastic day for Promos and segments from the superstars are the fans are getting to there seats. As the camera roams around the arena we see a Sign that says "Welcome To Met Life Stadium." The camera then goes to the stage where we see a burst of pyrotechnics around the titan-tron and stage. The fans are cheering and murmuring as they await the arrival of the first superstar to come and address them for the night. The crowd begins to quite down as no one is seen coming out from behind the curtain, before we know it the silence is broken by the theme song of none other than the King Of Extreme Champion Jeff Hardy!

It can be justified to say that the Fans are not very happy to see the King of Extreme Champions with the amount of heat he is receiving in the arena tonight, But it seems as though Jeff Hardy doesn't care what they think as he walks out from behind the curtain slowly. He then proceeds to look around the arena at the booing fans with a look of disgust and hatred on his face before raising the KOE Championship and having pyrotechnics go off on the stage around him. Jeff Hardy then proceeds to walking down the ramp slowly and mocking the few kids who has their hands outreached over the barricade. As Jeff approaches the ring, he walks around and takes a microphone from Lillian Garcia before walking towards the ring and sliding in. Jeff Hardy then proceeds to waiting for the fans to calm down but that doesn't seem to happen, so he interrupts them with pure anger and determination in his words as he begins to speak.

||Jeff Hardy - XWI King Of Extreme||
Normally I would come out here and flash this here XWI King Of Extreme Championship and once again remind you exactly why I'm the greatest Extremist to ever step foot inside a professional wrestling ring, and whether you love me or you hate me... You all tune in to see just that because I'm worth every penny you've got to spend.

Jeff Hardy lowers his microphone as he looks around the arena to the booing fans, he then proceeds to wait for them to calm down before speaking.

||Jeff Hardy - XWI King Of Extreme||
Yeah, that's what I'd normally do. However something has come to my attention as of late. Something I just couldn't leave without addressing it.

Jeff Hardy lowers his microphone as he paces back and forth in the ring before he stopping and begin smirking as he raises his microphone to speak.

||Jeff Hardy - XWI King Of Extreme||
Of Course I'm referring to the fact that NONE and I repeat NONE of the people you all adore with all your heart has come out here in weeks to speak and address the rumors of the company going out of business... address the rumors that they in fact started.

Jeff Hardy lowers his microphone as he looks at the puzzled crowd who is murmuring to each other. Jeff Hardy proceeds to raising the microphone to continue.

||Jeff Hardy - XWI King Of Extreme||
While I, the person you people can't stand because I've seen the true colors of what this business can do to people. Is in fact standing in the middle of this here ring to tell you that the company is not... and I repeat, It's NOT going anywhere as long as the King still stands. Because as long as their's Jeff Hardy, there's hope that this company can come back from this minor back... and when it comes back, I'll be more than ready to take down both my Brother and The Rock to stay on top my Kingdom.

Jeff Hardy proceeds to drop the microphone as the crowd begins to boo and his theme song begin playing over the sound system. The camera fades black as it zooms into the King of extreme Championship.


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It's Not Over!
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