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 Farooq's Introduction...

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PostSubject: Farooq's Introduction...   Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:24 pm

[This theme is in the back ground where Farooq is standing in front the camera looking at the backstage halls with himself. Then he looks towards the camera with a grin on his face. Then he starts to speak to the camera.]

It's me again XWF, a man who worked his but off inside the wrestling business since 1989 until the days of my retirement. I had been winning championships in companies such as in WCW and in WWF. I've worked with a man who "betrayed" me and made me leave the ring for good; I've regretted leaving the ring, but now i am here to say i am still going to wrestle inside XWF for good. Maybe I am an old timer with creditability and would get over looked. Planning how to start focusing on how to get my name known in XWF, is going to be really hard and i am going to prove who i am after i hit my Dominator on the Miz. Miz, your nothing more then a wannabe wrestler from MTV who was lucky to get signed by XWF. While you were still a child in the 80's, I had been around promotions after promotions; I've worked harder then you could ever believe in your generation. Once I beat you this Friday, I better hope you are able too walk back to your locker room after i beat you.... See you guys on Friday.

[The scene fades after he leaves with the camera panning him while he was walking down the hallway..Then static..]
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Farooq's Introduction...
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