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 The Game is back to perfection

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PostSubject: The Game is back to perfection   Thu May 23, 2013 3:46 am

As the theme music hits the crowd gets on their feet as triple H shows up on the ramp and has a water bottle in his hand. There are posters of triple H everywhere in the crowd.Triple H spits water in the air and then starts walking down the ramp.He climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring.He climbs the turn buckle and spits in the air.He then stands in the middle of the ring and gets a microphone handed to his as he starts to speak.

The Game has just beaten cody rhodes and Ryback.Tonight the game faces off with Wade Barret. But that isn't the reason that the game is out here.The reason is that the game has won so many matches in his career at XWI but yet has been overlooked. I have beaten the biggest names of this company yet i haven't been given a shot. I have been overlooked by everyone. The GM,The Fans and yet my best Friend Shawn who joins the company and doesn't even tell me he's been here.Even 'he' thought i wasn't worth talking too.

The Game pauses for a sec and continues to speak.

Unlike the new guys,I know in this business,whether they hate me or like me,what these people think about me won't matter now because I am wrestling.I am the perfect example of what a wrestler should be like.I used to care about the fans about the people but now it's not about them anymore,It's all about the Game!!

Shawn you were the only one i cared about the most but when you turned your back on me by not telling me you are here,buddy you made a mistake.I don't actually want Wade Barret's Ass kicked by me but i want yours.Before I go to the big picture i want to kick another ass and that is yours.

I deserve a Title shot but more then that i deserve to kick your ass.Come out here Shawn and tell me why didn't you want me to know that you were here,were you scared that i would treat you like a child that i did back then huh?Come out Sha.......

Shawn Michaels theme music hits and HHH gets interrupted

TBC-Shawn Michaels

OOC:Feedback needed Razz
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The Game is back to perfection
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