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 Return Match

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PostSubject: Return Match   Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:36 pm

The Scene Opens As Josh Matthews is seen standing backstage with a mic in his hand he begins to speak.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time Brock Lesnar !!

The Camera Zooms out as Brock Lesnar is seen standing next to Josh the crowds cheers are heard in the background.Josh Raises his mic and begins to speak.

Josh Matthews :Brock on this weeks episode of Friday Night Frenzy You face the best in the World Chris Jericho ..what are your taughts on your return match against him?

Josh moves the Mic towards Brock as Brock Replies.

Brock Lesnar

Josh... Chris Jeircho is nothing more than a stepping stone.i mean look at his XWI Career ...Winners or Losers who ever faces Chris Jericho ends up winning 95 percent.This Friday Night on Frenzy it will be no different but actually it will be different because i am not just gonna pick up a victory over jericho ..i am gonna hurt him josh hurt him real bad and make sure he never competes against me again.

Because after our match i wont be hearing any crap fall out of jerichos mouth..and if it does its not gonna be about me because ill teach that chicken shit a Lesson.Chris claims hes the best in the World at what he does..i dont have to claim that...because everyone knows exactly what i do..I kick peoples Asses ..so if that makes me better than the best so be it ..i do whats suppose to be done i dominate my opponent and get the victory.

I Feel Good..i Feel in the best shape of my life im positive ..got high morale and im confident ill keep winning and against chris jericho im 200 percent sure i will..so this Friday Brace your selves because Brock Lesnar will kick Chris Jerichos Ass.

Brock Lesnar Leaves as Josh Looks on the scene Ends.

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Return Match
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