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 XWI World Champion?

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XWI Champion
XWI Champion

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PostSubject: XWI World Champion?   Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:38 am

The camera fades into a packed Open Arena as we see everyone either finding there seats or getting snacks, the camera rolls around a few times before it goes to the commentary booth where we see Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talking about something.

||Michael Cole - The Voice||
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Open Arena, this is the event where all your favorite superstars come out here and let you know what's really on their minds, while some prefer to make challenges. But one has to wonder what today has in store for us, as we are coming off a huge XWI Incineration Pay-per view just a 24 hours ago.

||Jerry Lawler - The King||
Huge? Huge is an understatement Michael Cole. Last Nights Incineration Pay-Per View was absolutely incredible, every single championship in XWI changed hands last night as we crowned a new XWI Hardcore Champion in Roman Reigns, a new XWI Intercontinental Champion in Seth Rollins, and last but certainly not least we saw the XWI Championship finally go around the waist of someone who truly deserves and earned the championship.

||Michael Cole - The Voice||
Someone who deserves the Championship? Are we talking about the same person here King? Because in my opinion the man who should have won the match and the championship is unable to do so, because as per the general Manager Shane McMahon orders the only shot either man had at the title was last night. Why you may wonder? it's quite simple... It's because he wants to have new faces in the XWI Championship pictures.

||Jerry Lawler - The King||
Randy Orton was hit by the twist of fate but it looks like you're suffering from the after effects Cole... Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with Shane wanting new challengers in the title picture. In fact I think it's quite genius, everyone needs an opportunity and that's Shane's job to give it to them, it's there responsibility to try and make the most of that opportunity and win the championship. That's what makes for good business, not Randy Orton hogging the Spotlight.

||Michael Cole - The Voice||
Randy Orton wasn't hogging the Spotlight King, he was simply there because that's where he deserves to be, he was there because he's what a champion should look like... A Champion should not be a drug addict. A should not be JEFF HARDY!

Jerry Lawler can be seen shaking his head in disappointment as the crowd is becoming impatient waiting for the first superstar to come out and speak, the arena is filled with silence as the camera goes to the titan tron when suddenly the titan tron is lit up with the video of Jeff Hardy as his theme song begins playing over the sound system.

The silence is immediately broken by a huge outburst of cheers and boos from the fans as they await the arrival of  The Charismatic King of Extreme. Jeff Hardy comes out with his signature strut as the fans are going ballistic, but all the excitement is soon turn into confusion and murmuring as the XWI Championship is no where to be seen. Jeff Hardy stands at the center of the stage with his head lowered as he stares at the floor before beginning his dance as multiple colors before to fall from the rafters and the stage from the pyrotechnics. Jeff Hardy then begins to walk down the ramp as he gives whatever few fans isn't in confusion a high five. As he approaches the ring he turns and begins walking around the ring greeting his fans. He reaches a little kid with a Hardy T-Shirt on and takes off one of his arm hands and put it on the kid. He then proceeds to walking over to Lillian Garcia who gives him a hug and microphone. Jeff Hardy then proceeds to walking to the steel steps before running up them and leaping over the top rope. Jeff Hardy then proceeds to hopping onto the second turnbuckle and do his pose as the a few fans are screaming in joy. Jeff then proceeds to getting off the turnbuckle as he looks around the arena awaiting silence before he could speak.

I know... I know what you're all thinking and wondering. You're all thinking Where's the XWI Championship? Why isn't Jeff Hardy being introduced as the XWI Champion?

Jeff Hardy pauses as he chuckles a little, he then proceeds to look at the mat before looking up at the fans and continuing.

It's quite simple actually, The XWI Championship isn't here... In this ring. However it is in the building, The XWI Championship is in fact right here right now... 

Jeff Hardy lowers his microphone as he awaits the people to quite down with their murmuring. He then proceeds to lifting the microphone and beginning to speak.

None of you may see it and that's because you're all looking for a shiny gold metal belt, what you're not looking for is the thing that represents a superstar and that's the attitude, the ring gear, his ability to entertain, the ability to wrestle... but most importantly the thing that represents a superstar is his fans, or in this case the Creatures of the Night.

Jeff Hardy smiles as he gets a decent cheer reaction from the crowd, he looks around the arena at the people standing on the feet before raising his microphone to continue.

You are all the XWI Championship! You represent this company day in and day out by spending your hard earned money to watch us do what we do best, and you defend us when you stand up for what you believe in. 

Jeff Hardy lowers his head and chuckles as the fans continue to cheer louder and louder before he raises his head and continue.

However! However it's quite nice, to have a shiny gold belt wrapped around the waist to show each and everyone that you truly are the champion despite having so many fans. That's why I've decided from this moment on, the XWI Championship isn't going to be just a belt around my waist...

The fans begin to boo as Jeff Hardy makes the announcement he looks around the arena with a look of disappointment on his face before continuing... 

Instead the XWI Championship is going to be Jeff Hardy... The XWI Championship is going to be known from this day on as the KING OF EXTREME Championship. Because it's a belt fit only for a king, it's a belt made to represent not only Xtreme Wrestling Impact and it's fans... but it was built to represent Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy was built to represent the XWI King of Extreme Championship. Jeff Hardy is the KING OF EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP! This is what you've all been waiting for. This is the rebirth of the man who bleeds extreme. This is the rebirth of the man who Respects extreme. This is the rebirth of a Championship. This is the new King of Extreme Championship!

Everyone present in the arena turns there attention to the Titan Tron where we see it lit up with the brand new title that will represent XWI... The fans are going ballistic as Jeff Hardy's theme song begins to play as he does his signature dance and confetti falls from the rafts.

The camera goes to the commentary table where we see Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler speechless about what they just witnessed. The camera fades dark as it zooms in on the XWI King of Extreme Championship.



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PostSubject: Re: XWI World Champion?   Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:51 am

OOC:WOW Amazing bro i love the way you transformed the XWI Title to the King of Extreme Championship ..Pure Genius
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XWI World Champion?
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