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 I Will Prove Myself Sucka

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PostSubject: I Will Prove Myself Sucka   Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:49 pm

[CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!? erupts throughout the arena as Booker T appears on stage, hitting his left chest twice with his fist and then pointing to the crowd on his right. He then does the same with his other side. Then he bends down on one knee, raising his hand up to his face and he shakes his head up and down, back and forth then jumps up into the air with his arms stretched out high as pyro blasts behind him. He then begins to make his way down the ramp, hitting his chest and pointing to the crowd along the barriers. Once he reaches the ring steps, he walks up them and walks down the apron, running his hand along the top rope. He then stops in the middle and swings his leg up and ducks between the ropes and into the ring. He begins to walk as he raises his arms in the air and makes his way to the turnbuckle. He then climbs up and raises his arms high again followed once more with a beat to his chest twice with his fist and then points, scanning the area in front of him before hopping down. He then takes a mic from an official and circles around the ring a bit before stopping in the middle, raising his mic to speak.]

"So apparently Cody Rhodes is walking around here having a tantrum about me originally getting booked for a match for his Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at the Rage In A Cage PPV and now I've been taken out of the match and have to earn my spot back by beating Undertaker this Friday on Frenzy. Now I will admit I agree with that completely because I have only had one match since returning and although I won it, I haven't done anything else that would earn me a title shot but I am honored that I get the opportunity still to earn it in a contenders match Friday and Undertaker is a worthy opponent and was the first XWI Intercontinental Champion after the reopening so he already has what it takes and it will be a tough match no doubt but I guarantee I'm going to lay it all on the line in that match because not only is it a contendership match for me, but it is my opportunity to get my hands on that sucka Cody Rhodes for the first time since he attacked me and put me out of commission and I am dying to get that chance and gain two victories in one night by getting revenge on Cody and winning the Intercontinental title as well and that title means everything to me in XWI and I will not stop until it's in my grasp. I've got my arm stretched out and the title is so close and now all I have to do is fight off The Undertaker so I can reach even closer and Undertaker let me just say this. I respect you and I know you are one of the best EVER in this business and are a legend, and a phenom but I'm gonna send you straight into the ground, six feet under with the Bookend this Friday. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT!!!???......."

[He tilts his head back as the fans go wild and say it with him]


[The crowd goes crazy with cheers as Booker lowers his head and smiles as the camera fades to black]
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I Will Prove Myself Sucka
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