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 It's about damn time

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PostSubject: It's about damn time   Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:07 am

*The crowd gives off a mixed reaction immediately as the NEW XWI Hardcore Champion walks out onto the stage. He has a big smirk on his face and the Hardcore championship slung around his shoulder. He kisses it and then pats it as he walks down the ramp with a cocky smirk. The crowd continues to show a mixed reaction as he rolls into the ring. Roman grabs a mic from ringside as he strolls to the center of the ring. His music fades as he raises the mic to his face.*

Roman Reigns: It truly feels better than you all might think, to be holding this XWI Hardcore championship.

*The crowd gives off a mixed reaction of mostly boos and Roman just continues.*

Roman Reigns: No, you people should not be booing me. For 2 long... months, I came out here almost each week and said that I would be a champion, that I would be the face of XWI and beat that worm Daniel Bryan, and I did. *He smirks* Since Day 1 that I walked into this XWI ring I have been able to raise this mic to my face and silence all of you, and make everyone listening at home pay attention. At Incineration, I made Daniel Bryan say the two words that I said I would never say, "I quit". I wonder how he's feeling now, honestly. I beat him until he was in that position laying next to the turnbuckle, trying to get up but he just couldn't. Every title changed hands at that PPV, I expected Rhodes to lose his title to a man I respect in Seth Rollins but one I did not expect was Orton to lose.

*He pauses for a moment before continuing. He rubs his chin.*

Roman Reigns: Orton, a man that dominated XWI with his title reign and now it's just gone to a man that beat me in the King of the Extreme tournament, Jeff Hardy. I'd say I should be the one that faced Orton and took his title, but I am perfectly content with this title on my shoulder. I define hardcore when I spear people right into this ring and when I beat them to a pulp. I don't need to hold the world title to prove my dominance. Daniel Bryan was able to brag on and on for months about his 9-0 undefeated streak and how he was the hardcore champion but no more! Roman Reigns is the XWI Hardcore Champion!

*He raises his title up into the air as the crowd boos as his eyes are closed. Reigns breaths in a big breath before opening his eyes and placing his title back on his shoulder.*

Roman Reigns: It is a new era in XWI. No longer in the age of Orton, Bryan, and Rhodes. All 3 of them are the men that have dominated this company since they've arrived but now it's a new breed. Myself, Seth Rollins, and that strange Jeff Hardy. We are going to dominate but especially myself. You can all set your expectations high for me, I will not fail like Daniel Bryan did. I will only continue to dominate and defend this title that is so rightfully mine...

*He raises his title this time with both hands as his music comes on. The crowd boos again and he smirks. He jumps up onto a turnbuckle and raises the title and screams "I'm the real deal!!!" as the scene fades to black.*

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It's about damn time
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