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 Post Match FnF 5/31: Angle's Semi Interview

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PostSubject: Post Match FnF 5/31: Angle's Semi Interview   Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:48 pm

[We See Kurt inside his locker room after that Tag Match he had against his rivial Edge and his partner. We see that Josh Matthews is interviewing him about his and his partners big win tonight.]


"Hello Kurt, I've seen you've got yourself some wins lately...What been happening Kurt?"

[Kurt looks him in the eyes like he was crazy and speaks.]

Kurt Angle:

"What been happening lately?...Are your trying to play mind games..With me?"

[Josh looks threaten by the way Kurt was looking at him.]


"Um...I...Was just asking how was your win against Edge and Triple H with Swagger tonight."

[Then we see Kurt in a happy mood as he speaks.]

Kurt Angle:

"Oh, my match against Edge and Triple H....I could have honestly took em on myself..but, i gotten myself placed with an All American guy named Jack Swagger."


"What did you like about Swagger in the ring, tonight?"

Kurt Angle:

"He was able to kick some patriotic behinds like me...We had slight communication problem during the tag match..but me and him handled are differences and wiped the ring with blood from Edge and Triple H. All i care about is that i can gain an opportunity to win and take home a title or two."


"I've seen you having issues with Edge...What's the issue?"

[Kurt looks at him oddly and was not going to respond to the question. Then Josh closes off the interview with Kurt.]


"Well folks are time is cut short...y'all next Friday."

[Then we see Josh leaving Kurt's locker room while Kurt is packing his bag to leave the arena as the scene fades.]

EORP~Leave any feedback

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PostSubject: Re: Post Match FnF 5/31: Angle's Semi Interview   Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:27 pm

Can you guys make this as PG as possible, i'm getting sick of people using words superstars wouldnt even dream of using...


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Post Match FnF 5/31: Angle's Semi Interview
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